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Máy rửa mặt Braun Beauty Edition Facial Cleansing Brush and Facial Epilator

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Product Description

Introducing the worlds 1st facial epilator and cleansing brush. Reveal your flawless glow. Braun Face combines two facial treatments into one device: precise epilation of the finest hairs and gentle deep pore cleansing with the brush.

From the Manufacturer

What’s in the box
  • Braun Face facial epilator
  • Brush head
  • Lighted mirror
  • Beauty pouch
  • Small cleaning brush
  • Battery
  • Cap

Braun Beauty Edition Facial Cleansing Brush and Facial Epilator

Reveal your flawless glow.

Introducing the world’s first facial epilator and cleansing brush. Braun Face combines two facial treatments into one device: precise epilation of the finest hairs and gentle deep-pore cleansing. The facial epilator features a slim head with 10 micro-openings to capture even the finest hairs. The facial cleanser cleanses pore-deep to remove make-up and impurities up to 6X better than manual cleansing. Show the world the skin that you were meant to have with the Braun Face epilator and facial cleansing brush.

Facial epilation—Up to 4 weeks of hair-free skin

Slim head for ultimate precision

The slim epilator head was designed for absolute precision.

10 micro-openings capture fine hairs (0.02 mm)

The micro-openings of the 10 tweezers catch the finest hairs down to 0.02 mm wide and 0.05 mm long, so you don’t have to wait for hairs to grow big enough to be visible.

High-frequency plucking

With 200 plucking movements per second, the Braun facial epilator can give you thoroughly smooth skin for up to 4 weeks in seconds.

For chin, upper lip, and forehead and to maintain eyebrows

The bidirectional switch allows you to epilate with ease on both sides of the face.

Facial cleansing—6X better than manual cleansing

Removes make-up and impurities down to the pores

The cleansing brush gently oscillates to loosen make-up, oil, and impurities 6X better than manual cleansing.

Refines and exfoliates via micro-oscillations

With hundreds of micro-oscillations per minute, the brush cleanses gently but effectively, even on sensitive skin.


For use in your shower routine

Take your new cleansing brush into the shower. It can be used with water, soap, cleansing milk, liquid soap, or facial scrub.

Brush refill

To maintain top performance and hygiene, replace the brush every 3 months with a new refill. Happy cleansing!

Battery operated. AA battery included.

 Braun FaceBraun Face +1 refillBraun Face premium edition
Facial epilator
Cleansing facial brush
1 refill    
Lighted mirror    
Beauty pouch    
Facial epilation:  
Why epilate my face? Epilation has many advantages, as it removes even the finest and shortest hairs from the root 200X faster and more thoroughly than tweezers. It removes 4X shorter hairs than wax, so you don’t have to wait for the hair to become visible before removing it. Epilation is much longer lasting (up to 4 weeks) than removal with depilatory creams. And finally, you can epilate at home or on the go, no need to run to that threading appointment.
I’ve never epilated my face before, how should I go about it? Start between the eyebrows so you can get used to the epilator head, then move to the upper lip and other sensitive areas around the mouth and jaw line. Epilate in the evening so that any potential redness will disappear by morning.
Can I use it on my eyebrows? Yes, due to the small plucking system, the Braun Face is perfect for removing hairs between and above eyebrows to maintain shapely eyebrows.
Facial cleansing:  
How should I use the brush? The brush can be used every day on cheeks, T-zone, and chin for more radiant skin. Apply soap, gel, cleansing milk, or facial scrub to your wet skin. Switch on the brush and start cleansing the forehead. From there, move to the nose and then outward toward the cheek on each side. Spend more time on oily zones. It can also be used on the neck and décolleté.
I have skin problems (ex. acne, rosacea), can I use the Braun Face brush in my daily routine? The Braun Face brush has been tested by dermatologists and works well on most skin types, even sensitive skin. Contact your dermatologist to understand why a gentle oscillating brush is important for skin affected by acne and other conditions.
How often should I change my brush? It is recommended that you replace the brush at least every three months with a brush refill (Face 80) to maintain maximum hygiene and performance.


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